Wednesday, July 29, 2009


me: Hello
on the fone: Good afternoon Madam, how can I help you?

me: Good Afternoon. I need some info... some information on filing my tax returns.
on the fone: Sure Madam. I need some details before to help you. Can I know your name?
me: I am Aarthi

on the fone: Your father's name Mam?
me: Muralidharan

on the fone: Your PAN number?
me: AG........

on the fone: Your date of birth?
me: 20/7/xxxx

on the fone: Thank you for giving the details. How can I help you madam?
(Here comes the funny part of the conversation)
Can you tell me my name... I mean my first name, surname and last name?
(I was laughing at myself after asking this question...How can I ask such a thing!!)

on the fone:
Sure Ma'm.
Thank you, can you tell me my father's first name, last name?
on the fone:
Here you go madam....
Thank you so much.

on the fone:
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Nope, thank you.

Imagine calling up someone who does not know you and asking them your name and your father's name. How much more weirder can it get??

Well, that's what the income tax dept is expecting us to do. I was filing my returns online and I could not get past the registration page with every possible combination of my name for the first name last name.

My God!! Who ever introduced this concept of first, middle, last, sur names????

At least I am happy, my name has only 1 word.. imagine the fate of those who have too many words in their names... heeheee.. I pity PV...

My weirdest conversation ever!!!

BTW, if you have not filed your returns yet, you can do it online on the incometax website. It is pretty easy if you know your name right :-)


Prakash Venkat said...

ha ha ha ... being in concious state I believe this was also first time for me to ask someone my name seriously :) ... what ever it is our trip to palace grounds was cut bcoz of it .... hail IT Dept :)

Ramakrishna Podila said...

Now, that was easy and quick aarthi!!
Imagine my plight. Every single time I call, they say, 'Sorry Sir, can you kindly spell it for me?' and I go like
R as in Randy
A as in Alpha
M as in Murray.....
and then I have to spell Podila!!

I rem. PV telling me that he can not print off the boarding pass and check in directly because name on his credit card was 'Venkata Satya P.' and then on the pspt. it was some thing else...!!!

Aarthi said...

@pv - Moral of the story is -- Have short names :-)
@Bobby - I understand. We should be happy if they can say your name rite.I got reminded of that 'Hari Sadu' after reading ur comment :-)

Chandu said...

Haha reminds me of my colleague who struggled the other day with the same last name first name thing!Our guys in office brought in a 3rd party guys who does it on our behalf for some 150 rs and I promptly opted for it, esp after hearing my friend's struggle.