Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Being Misunderstood ...

I think the worst thing that can happen to anyone is being misunderstood by their near and dear ones.

There are few things in every one's life which we share very easily with friends but not with others. The kind of closeness and comfort we share with friends is something that makes the bond very special and unique.

Most of the times life moves like a goods train in a slow pace with things being same every other day. These are the times, when we give importance to even the small things that that happen to us and share them with friends. This makes them feel that they know our lives in and out.

The other times when life rushes like a Rajdhani express, we really don't get time. Most of the time goes in just realizing what is happening to us. It is then that we realize it becomes less easier than usual to find time to share the events from the fast running life. These are the cases where most friendships suffer.

Suddenly, the closeness is lost and you feel that friend of yours is no longer talking to you as before. The feeling of comfort is gone. This is when one gets to hear some words which are normal but hurts more than you could imagine. Exactly, this is the point when one THINKS he/she is misunderstood. But the way things happen, it will sound as if you are misunderstood.

The friendly conversations happen in a different language, different plane. It terribly hurts. One is no longer able to love the quote 'Friends are those who would not have spoken a single word for a long time and still feel that they had the best conversation'. Silence acts a weapon stabbing you right in the heart.

This is the situation in which i am. I find it really hard to accept it. I need a lot of courage now to get past my wounds and hurts to go and clarify things and get back to those happy times.

This is the first time am posting something that is not so enjoyable to read. I am feeling better after writing all this and my mind is now free to think what i can do to make things better.