Monday, November 16, 2009

Can you help me, please?

Hi folks,

I am doing a project on "Understanding the helping patterns of people in the society" out of my personal interest. As part of that, I have come up with a survey to get inputs from people.

I am looking at having 200 responses. I need your help in reaching that number.

You can help me by
1. Taking the survey
2. Getting at least 3 of your friends take the survey.

Survey link -

It takes around 5 minutes to complete the survey. So, please go ahead and give me your inputs.

I will be happy to hear any comments you have.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I want to enjoy my childhood, ma

"I want to enjoy my childhood, ma", this was an article in the last Sunday's Hindu paper. This article really moved me and I could so much identify with that child.

What surprised me even more was to see Dr.Abdul Kalam's response to it in a few days. His reply was also publishes on the Hindu. Here is a poem from his article that I liked very much.

The Student’s Prayer

Don’t impose on me what you know,
I want to explore the unknown
And be the source of my own discoveries.

Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery.
The world of your truth can be my limitation;
Your wisdom my negation.

Don’t instruct me; let’s walk together.
Let my richness begin where yours ends.

Show me so that I can stand
On your shoulders.

Reveal yourself so that I can be
Something different.

You believe that every human being
Can love and create.

I understand, then, your fear
When I ask you to live according to your wisdom.

You will not know who I am
By listening to yourself.

Don’t instruct me; let me be.
Your failure is that I be identical to you.”

I thought, there is a connectivity among young hearts even beyond ocean — “I only want to enjoy my childhood, ma” and “The Student’s Prayer.”

All these meaningful articles make me more fond of Hindu than any other newspapers :-)