Wednesday, July 29, 2009


me: Hello
on the fone: Good afternoon Madam, how can I help you?

me: Good Afternoon. I need some info... some information on filing my tax returns.
on the fone: Sure Madam. I need some details before to help you. Can I know your name?
me: I am Aarthi

on the fone: Your father's name Mam?
me: Muralidharan

on the fone: Your PAN number?
me: AG........

on the fone: Your date of birth?
me: 20/7/xxxx

on the fone: Thank you for giving the details. How can I help you madam?
(Here comes the funny part of the conversation)
Can you tell me my name... I mean my first name, surname and last name?
(I was laughing at myself after asking this question...How can I ask such a thing!!)

on the fone:
Sure Ma'm.
Thank you, can you tell me my father's first name, last name?
on the fone:
Here you go madam....
Thank you so much.

on the fone:
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Nope, thank you.

Imagine calling up someone who does not know you and asking them your name and your father's name. How much more weirder can it get??

Well, that's what the income tax dept is expecting us to do. I was filing my returns online and I could not get past the registration page with every possible combination of my name for the first name last name.

My God!! Who ever introduced this concept of first, middle, last, sur names????

At least I am happy, my name has only 1 word.. imagine the fate of those who have too many words in their names... heeheee.. I pity PV...

My weirdest conversation ever!!!

BTW, if you have not filed your returns yet, you can do it online on the incometax website. It is pretty easy if you know your name right :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Bash

I had a superb birthday eve this year. Basically everyone decided to be very nice nice to me and asked me to buy anything I wanted. I quickly grabbed the opportunity and bought so many things...

2 watches (I almost selected the third one too, then from deep in me there rose some pity for PV who was buying the 2 for me, so decided to get the third one later). Now, I have atleast 5 watches in my collection.

Lots n lots of clothes - Oh man!! there is some 'upto 50%' discount in every other shop. So got a good deal in most of the places.

American diamond studded earrings - Mom surprised me with a cute ear ring.

Roller skates - I used to feel so J of those kids who used to skate their way on the roads. Pv fulfilled my long time wish to have my own skates and zoom on the roads. Now, I will wear them and make the kutti gundu girl on my road feel J. Heheheee.... Ok ok ..for that I first gotto learn skating.

A lovely b'day cake - creamy choclatey..yummie.. I jus loved it.

Apple palgoa - Mom's innovative sweet recepie for my b'day. She started making apple rabdi and the milk got spoilt in between. Instantly she changed her plans and make apple palgoa.. It tasted really good.

cute b'day card from aunty n uncle. Aunty was too pro-active knowing my laziness she bought me a salwar stitched the last time she came here :)

With all this, I was all set for my birthday to have lots of fun. Finally, I fell sick that morning and had to take a day off. But I din't miss the fun at home. Happily slept, saw 'While you were sleeping'. In the evening we went out for dinner.

Totally it was an eventful birthday!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's clean Bengaluru in ONE day!!

Does that sound impossible?? It may, but it is worth a try.

We have been complaining of the dirty roads, garbage strewn all over, plastic covers flying around and what not. This time, lets take it on ourselves to change the place we live.

Check this out -- Clean Bengaluru

Aindian is an NGO which is a group of people who are committed towards a clean Bangalore. They are organizing a clean-up drive in the city on August 15th 2009.

There are multiple ways by which one can take part -
1. Volunteer for the clean-up drive
2. Tell your friends, colleagues and ask them to participate
3. Find some sponsorship for this event
4. Spread the message - Blog/facebook/twitter/orkut ...

Each of us together can make a huge difference.

Come, be the change you want to see!!