Saturday, August 22, 2009

Too many things to write about

There are too many things I want to write about and don't know which to add and which to omit. Does this happen when one does not write for long???

I will try to cover tid bits of everything I want to write about.

Pv and me took a '2 marriages and a week's vacation' sprint a week ago. We started off with Hyderabad - the city of foodies (no offence) as I would like to call it. Attended a marriage in the morning and went to PARADISE (rightly named) for a round of Veg biriyani and Qurbani ka Meetha for lunch. If you are new to Hyd, don't miss the biriyani here..its yummie and the best of Hyderabadi cuisine. For the first time, I wanted to be a non-veg so that i could taste the other varieties. Visited charminar, for a change I spared pv wallet :) and then had a lovely walk on banks of Hussain sagar.

Wanted to watch 'Magadheera' chiru's son's debut movie but ended up watching 'Gopi Gopika Godavari' :( Don't ask me how the movie was, that emoticon says it all.

Saw some prawn cultivation fields on the way to Kaikalur. Could not get to go closer and check how it would be, I din't want to go near thinking it would stink :)

Auto wala robbed us on the wee hours of monday morning as the rain Gods welcomed us with a heavy shower when we entered B'lore. We paid 100 bucks to come home from CMH rd BDA complex. This is called 'Pagal kollai'.

Yesterday turned to be a memorable day in the life. I had my first convocation on completion of the social entrepreneurship course. Wow!!! I found the course really useful, especially gave a lot of clarity to my thoughts on venturing into social sector. Mom still is apprehensive of that.

Another piece of good news is my mentor agreed to help me out more on my project. Oops.. I dint tell abt my project yet. Its not making science more fun and easy to understand for kids. I have started out with the grade5 children of Ashwini charitable Trust and so far its been ok. However, I am struggling to get simple concepts like sound, environment to children. We (me and the children) created some hand made telephones to understand how sound travels. I enjoyed the whole session more than the children :) I am waiting to get the help of my mentor to take this project further.

The tv at home is down with flu. I mean the picture tube is having some problem. All we get to see is a horizontal line when it is on. Gotto get it repaired. I am slowly realizing the power of 'No TV', atleast I got myself to blog after long time...hehee...


Ramakrishna Podila said...

long post...

I will be more than happy to help in making science fun, if you need any!!

P.S: Magadheera is Ramcharan's 2nd flick!!

Aarthi said...

Thanks for your offer Bobby. I would certainly need help in choosing topics to teach along with activities for children in grade 5.

Chandu said...

i am drooling while typing this. Reminded me yet again about Hyd chicken biryani!oh congrats on the convocation! Well will TEST the phones next week at RC!

Aarthi said...

@Chandu - I wanna go back to enjoy the night view of Hyderabad. I missed Irani chai and karachi biscuits dis time :(
Incase you goto RC, please ask the class 5 kids to explain how the phone works. I hope to have successfully drilled some lessons on sound in to their heads.

Lalith Vasireddy said...

There you go ... making me nostalgic about Hyd :( Anyways, glad to know that you guys had fun :)

And oh, "a day without a television, is a day of introspection" ... and that can't be too bad.

Aarthi said...

@Chakri - Hey!!How u dng? Long time uhh.. It was not one day, one week without TV. Now its hale and healthy :)

Anonymous said...

I guess its Qubani ka Meetha :P and not Qu'R'bani..
Looks like you had lots of fun , U shud chk out birla mandir in the nght ..

Aarthi said...

@Anonymous Harsha - I will goto Birla Mandir in the next visit and also not miss Irani chai :)

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