Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 Reasons why you should celebrate your birthday?

1. A reason to indulge yourself in the best of the best things in the world

Buy clothes, eat good food, yummie cake, chocolates ...

2. Feel good about yourself and the things you have achieved in life
So many years on this planet, we can go back and see (only) the good things we have done, some proud achievements ...

3. Just sit back and enjoy the day without doing any work

We don't need to wait for Friday of the week to come to stop working and relax :)

4. Friends and relatives to shower you with wishes and gifts
This is the most lovely thing. At least for this we should have as many friends and relatives (only those who would gift :) )

5. At least on that one day, no one will try to get into a fight with you or upset you:)
How would such a day be...lovely, isn't it?

Am sure you can add many many more to it. But these are the ones i could just think of.
Anyways, here goes a birthday wish to one of my very good friend.

Happy Birthday Dear.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Library Thing

As i was looking into someone's blog (now, don't ask whose and why), i stumbled on something called Library Thing. I liked the concept of having a catalog of books one likes, one has read and so and so.

One of my resolutions for this year is/was to read more books. Well, there is a reason behind this and also a motivating factor :).

I have started reading books a lot this year. And sometimes keep wondering how to keep track of the books i have read. This is when i found Library thing very useful.

Now, i have a catalog of books i have read so far and also managed to write review for one.