Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's clean Bengaluru in ONE day!!

Does that sound impossible?? It may, but it is worth a try.

We have been complaining of the dirty roads, garbage strewn all over, plastic covers flying around and what not. This time, lets take it on ourselves to change the place we live.

Check this out -- Clean Bengaluru

Aindian is an NGO which is a group of people who are committed towards a clean Bangalore. They are organizing a clean-up drive in the city on August 15th 2009.

There are multiple ways by which one can take part -
1. Volunteer for the clean-up drive
2. Tell your friends, colleagues and ask them to participate
3. Find some sponsorship for this event
4. Spread the message - Blog/facebook/twitter/orkut ...

Each of us together can make a huge difference.

Come, be the change you want to see!!

1 comment:

Prakash Venkat said...

Yup , its an opportunity for us to get our surroundings cleaner .....