Sunday, December 31, 2006

Is this going to be my last year of spinsterhood?

It is 11:24pm and just few more minutes for the new year to come. Though am pretty excited and happy to embrace the year in front of me, am little sad.
Looks like am going to miss some things that have been very close to me as 2006 will rest as a fond memory in our minds.

Hmm, this year I witnessed a lot of marriages. Best friends, good friends, friends, acquaintances and the list grows.. Seeing so many people tying knots, I felt for the first time that I was growing old. Man!! Why does one get this feeling when a friend gets married? May be because we did so many things together - did the most silliest of things, watched movies all night, bunked classes, slept in some lecture sessions, shared clothes, talked for hours over stupid things, discussed boy friends ( was boys who were friends) and went on and on about everything under the sky….and now suddenly one realizes that this person will not have such time for you. Well, this is the same feeling that struck me when my best friend's got engaged (not even married :) ).

'It is a lovely time of life - the one after engagement and before marriage', says one of my best friend. Though I did not get much of it, I could really see what they were going through, the new joy they were experiencing. Not to blame this, this is part of everyone's life provided this phase is little long to enjoy :). Well, why am I getting lost, I wanted to talk about something else.

So, as I attended various marriages over the year, hold on, let me count the how many I attended. Beginning in May 2006, one in July, then in Aug and finally in Dec, it was 4 grand ones. Had loads of fun in each of them. In each marriage, the most fav topic of discussion would be to guess who would be the next. Mostly. It would be fun pulling each other's leg. How much ever we tried to rightly guess, there would be someone unexpected always entering the list.

The worst part of the marriages would be the maami's who come there just to find eligible grooms and brides. How sad!! Without your knowledge, you get noticed by those detective eyes waiting to spot the most eligible. I guess I was the bakra in the last marriage I attended :( And then, some maami's whom you know well ask some important details - 'specimen identification details' natchatram and gotram. Well, exactly here is where begins the worry that one is growing old. And with this growing old thingy in me and the new year eve makes me fear if this is the last year of my spinsterhood!

Though as my mom and many others say this is the right age to get married, I feel I might miss so many things. Right from the late morning waking up, ready made breakfast (courtesy - mom), just in time planning for the entire day, no worries life, anything for lunch or no lunch, no sticking to one guy - talk to as many as u can :), come home when you wish, evenings free for myself, no dinner plans, my lonely lovely walk from office to home, no late night calls and many many more…to top it all - free to decide and to do what I want. Hmm…loss of a sense of freedom and in short my spinsterhood.

How I wish I enjoy all these for a little more while. Well, lets see how long or short it takes. Till then, I shall enjoy this wonderful life.

Hail spinsterhood !!
11:56 PM Dec 31st 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gone are those days...

This was written when i was down with fever and had to stay at home for 2 consecutive days. The following came out of boredom and frustration. So, please bear with me :)

There are times when i used to wait for friday right from Monday, now i have started waiting for monday even before my friday could come to an end :) sad state...

How times change when I fall sick – My inspiration for this piece of poetry. I call it poetry as it does not sound like a normal prose, not that it is one really :)

Gone are those days ….

How I wish it would never be time for dawn,
To be lost in dreams with every yawn.
I would pull myself away from the bed,
Only to get ready and dressed.
How I would just crawl my way to work,
While half the world already at work.
Gone are those days …

How I wish it would always be time for lunch,
To talk about the world with every munch.
Guilt would knock my door at three past noon,
Before I realize it would be teatime soon.
How I would start my work late in the evening,
Sitting there to see half the office leaving.
Gone are those days …

How I wish time would halt for work to be done,
Winding up at ten I have some work undone.
Sleepily mom would wait for me as if she was fine,
With eyes open wide I love to whine and dine.
How I would stare into space trying to find my land,
Lost in my world with the TV on and a book in hand,
As I go to bed, how I wish it would never dawn :)
Gone are those days …

Conceptualized on 16 Dec 2006 at 5:30 AM when I would normally be sound asleep.