Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a way to code!!

Listening to A.R.Rehman songs on my "ipod" ear fones with a chocolate bar half inside my mouth and the other half waiting to be munched and coding... I love this!!! I am in love with my work if all these accessories are there with me everytime I work :-)

Can't believe, y'day I was cribbing and boring myself to death in office and see today, what a change!! Moral of the story - Let me be free, let me listen to music and the most important give me more and more chocolates. Mommie..plesae don't hear the last part and blame me for all the cavities. That reminds me of the Himalaya's tooth paste add - 'If you want to eat like a child, brush like an adult' :-)


Chandu said...

More work for Aarthi and very soon at least one dentist in bangalore will be serving a big client!btw what happnd to irani chai?

Aarthi said...

Irani chai?? We had wonderful Irani chai at home yesterday evening in Bengaluru made by me :-)