Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alternate solution for meetings

"If you pull me into meetings all day, when do you except me to work?..."
Does this sound familiar to you? Have you been saying this for a while now.. I find myself repeating these words many times.

6 out of 10 times, I have always felt that meetings are/were such a waste of time as people did not have an agenda to begin with, some people don't share information for what-so-ever reasons, the information shared is irrelevant to some folks present, no conclusions reached at the end and most of all there is no consistent way to track the action items. These meetings end up being such waste of time and money for the company.

One of my colleagues just forwarded me an article which talks has an alternate solution for meetings. I am sure you would have heard of "Yammer" which the 'Twitter for enterprise'. I liked the article and thought I would share it with you all. This does not promise to delete all the meetings from your calendar but if practised well, we can cut down atleast 50% of them.

Here is the link to the article - My microsharing success story . Its a nice one, don't miss it.

I am all game to try out Yammer if I can avoid some useless meetings.


Chandu said...

I was jumping reading the first few lines of the post. We crib attending once in a week meeting and I think I should pass on the twitter idea to my manager. Our neighboring team had horrible reputation of spending more hours in meeting rooms than at desk~ phew pity those guys. Well on another note, I have a pending action item from 2 months, gosh how do i esc next team meeting!

Prasad said...

wow this is interesting.. Yammer for meetings... thanks for sharing this Aarthi... hope more n more companies start using this..

Aarthi said...

@Chandu n Prasad - Me 2 was damn excited on hearing about Yammer. We are planning to use it in our office for a small group to try it out. I hope it works n we have lesser meetings :). The best part is it allows info sharing and provides a platform to know what others are working on. That is something I am looking forward to see..

Ramakrishna Podila said...
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