Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kathodudhan Naan Paduven

I heard this wonderful song tonight sung by none other than L.R.Easwari herself on tv. The melody was almost like 'then vandu paayudu kadinile' (literal tranlation - honey flowing in ears). I liked the huskiness in her voice is just too good and brings the scenes right in front of my eyes.

I have been googl'ing to get the lyrics but no success. I managed to write it down as I heard this again on The song is written in a very simple language which is also one of the reasons why I was able to enjoy its beauty instantly. Here is the link to play the song.

I am sure this would be there on all tamilians fav list.

Kathodudhan naan paduven
Manathodudhan naan pesuven
Vizhiyodudhan vilaiyaduven
Un madi meedudhan kanmooduven

Kathodudhan naan paduven ....

Valrandalum naan innum siru pillaidhaan
Naan arindalum aduvum nee sollidhan
unakketra thunayaga ennai matrava
Kula villakaaga naan vaazha vazhi kaatavaa

Kathodudhan naan paduven ....

Paaloota oru pillai azhaikindradu
Naan padum patta oru pillai rasikindradu
Ennakaga iru nenjam thudikindradu
Idil yaarkettu en pattai mudikindradu

Kathodudhan naan paduven ....

3 comments: said...

Do u know its a copy from a hindi song....Jeena yehan...marna yehan...from mere naaam joker...

Aarthi said...

Is it?

Bagyaraj said...

yes... btw wat's new on ur blog? am not able to see it