Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to books

I came across the 'Orbis Terrarum' challenge in Ramya's blog recently. I found it very interesting and am planning to take it up. The best part of this challenge is it has simple rules. All you gotto do is choose 10 different books, written by 10 different authors, from 10 different countries and read them in 10 months. The challenge begins this month and ends in December.

My theme - Select books written by authors who are from the countries I want to visit in my lifetime
I've picked up 2 books to begin with ...

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern from Ireland
Train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh from India

Send in your fav set of books to help me select the rest 8.
Just waiting to get started and njoi the ride.


Richard said...

Aarthi, this was a super fun challenge last year. I'm glad you decided to join in. Happy reading!

Aarthi said...

Thanks Richard. Sure, its gonna be fun.

bethany said...

Welcome to the OT challenge! I can't wait to see what you think of the books you have listed there, I haven't even heard of them. That always makes me extra happy when I learn of new books.

Thanks for joining in!!

Aarthi said...

Thanks Bethany. I hope the books are good :) Shall soon post the reviews.

Goli said...

"Love in the time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from Spain.

You could also read Paulo Coelho, though I dont like his all famous book alchemist, but I really loved reading Veronika decides to die.

Happy reading, and I like this idea.


Aarthi said...

@Goli, "Love in the time of Cholera" - isn't that the same book which comes in the movie serendipity?? That's one of my favorite movies. I will have this one as my third book. Thanq.