Friday, May 22, 2009

Netru illada matram ennadu?

All long when she wanted to breathe, her neck was almost strangled. Now when she is about to be let free, there is so much breathlessness in her.

Though she sees the fresh air gushing in front about to enter her nostrils, there is this weird feeling. Her heart seems to have suddenly stopped craving for the breath.

She has got used to the absence of freshness that makes her heart feel she can do away with it in the coming days.
The mind sends signals to her heart asking it not to sink in the sea of comfort where she has been sailing so long. It tells her to get out of it and inhale the fresh air - For all the struggle was just for that!!!

...Idu daan Vaazhkai enbada??

For those of you don't understand tamil the title of the post meant 'What's the change that was not there yesterday?' and the last line meant 'Is this what life is about?'

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Prasad said...

great song this one... its one of my fav songs in tamil...