Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a way to end the year??

In the last 2 weeks I did so many things which I would not normally - Got up late every other day (don't ask me what's new about that), ended up consuming more than two times the calories I need, had family approved gup-shup(pani puri) at road side bandi, ate hot hot mirchi bajjis on the road - went for morning walks with the intention of burning some fat, slept in the afternoons, was not hooked to the laptop more than 10 minutes every day, been with family at home not thinking of work team project ....

2 weeks of vacation - total relaxation - complete rejuvenation - all set to start the new year bright and fresh full of energy.

Feel like looking back to see how I have enjoyed the year. But I gotto sleep right now as I have to get up early tomorrow.

Me off to Puttaparthi tomorrow.. Cu all in the new year.

Happy new year!!!


Chandu said...

Happy new year and time to update the blog since it's been 2 weeks into the new year!

Aarthi said...

@Chandu - yup yup.. Doing it right away. Just read your latest post on your trip to coastal Karnataka. Nice pics, liked those B&W ones.