Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's wrong with me?

For a change this weekend I feel I have all the time in the world and don't know what to do. I am wondering what's wrong with me. So, I decided to turn back and see what I did over the last one week.

Monday - Oh man!! seems long time ago.. Lemme recollect. It started with the usual Monday morning meetings. I had come back to office with all energy gained from the Wayanad trip and after hearing some inspiring session on 'Power of unreasonable people'. I was all charged up to take lot of work. Then interviewed some guy, it did not go all that well :-(. Then caught up on the Flex trainings.

Tuesday - The power and enthu still seem to be there in me. I was all set to go complete my work at office. After long time, I did some code changes and felt good about it though it was very minor.

Wednesday - Ahaa, there comes it. It was the day of saraswati pooja and did some tasty tashty chakara pongal, vadai and sundal. By the time we had brkie I was feeling too lazy to go to office. Took some sundal to office. And somehow managed to come home by 7 :-)

Thursday - Holiday, woohoooo. Got up and wore some new clothes. After lunch, me and pv set to accomplish our 5 month dream of ordering a book shelf :). Met our family furniture guy (like family doctor u see) and designed our shelf. When we heard his estimates, we decided to cut the frills in our design, made it plain and simple. That is our achievement of the month, rather months :-) Then did some roaming around for buying furniture for ACT. Then we went to Pinx for some dhaba chai and mini samosa. We then went to Prasidhi to do some diwali purchase and the day ended with superb tasty food at Oye Amristar.

Friday - It was a long day at work. One more interview to take. I wanted to come home early and go for a round of puchka but was getting late at office. By the time I came home I had a bad headache. Then some calls from office to fix some issue :( Bad day it was.

Saturday - Most of my excitement died down when I got a message that the CSIM class was canceled. Anyways, it gave me time to be at home and we all watched Sivaji. Then another round of diwali purchase :)

Sunday - Lazy lazy day. Did nothing at all. Finally got so irritated with myself, that we went out for a round of puchka. And now here writing this post. Waiting to goto office and do some work tomorrow.

Waiting to goto office? What's wrong with me?? Nothing, that's what happens when there are too many lean weeks :)


Prakash Venkat said...

The Satisfaction of achieving something I guess is what is driving you to office :)

Anonymous said...

Now I envy that schedule, look at the time of this comment, I am still in office.pch :(


Anonymous said...

hmmmm guess what? This is the first time I visited your blog. If I have to introspect what prompted me to do that, prolly the intuition that there is something good there.
I seriously appreciate your approach to life and ofcourse most important, yur view of the blog. Its not phil, its not emotion, its not imagination. Its something beyond. I dont feel dejected after spedning close to 50 minutes in your blog.
From CSIM strategies to investment strategy its all worth investing my time here. Thank you so much.

Aarthi said...

@Chandu - Man, my schedule has very much back in shape. I am having long days now and expecting things to go worse. Not much to envy now :(

@anonymous - Thanq :) I am in cloud 9.

Anonymous said...

I guess u have not come back from cloud 9 :) no post after that

Lalith Vasireddy said...

Old ways die hard. Once a workaholic, always a workaholic? How many people would look forward to a day in the office, and get bored on a day-off? Got to be one in a zillion ... but hey, at least feel lucky that you are one in a million, in at least this way :P