Friday, September 05, 2008

Teacher's day

Today, I am reminded of those teachers who have changed many things in me for good.
Shanthi mam (bio), Sivaraman sir (English), Chemistry sir, Hemavathy mam (chemistry) and my all time favourite and constant teacher my dearest mom.

Wishing you all a very happy teacher's day and thank you so much for having taken this noble profession to educate and empower young minds.


penny stock tip said...

thats amazing story.

Divya Shankar said...

Hi Aarthi,
I was looking for Chinnan Chiru kiliye songs' lyrics - required it for my office show. I have got into singing for office shows and I am part of the carnatic music grp and light music grp as well. That ways happened to land up seeing ur blog ... read some of the posts .. looks like u r a very regular blogger :)

keep up the spirit and u can visit my blog as well when u get time -
That one's mine
Thanks again for providing the lyrics of the song and its wonderful meaning . Have a gr8 day!

Aarthi said...

@DS, wat a surprise da. Dint know that someone I knew so well would land at my blog as a result of google search. Congratz on joining the Musik band, way 2 go. The other day I sw u in auto on d way to office, could not speak as there was so much traffic. Lets plan to meet some time. On my way to read ur blog.