Sunday, May 27, 2007

Library Thing

As i was looking into someone's blog (now, don't ask whose and why), i stumbled on something called Library Thing. I liked the concept of having a catalog of books one likes, one has read and so and so.

One of my resolutions for this year is/was to read more books. Well, there is a reason behind this and also a motivating factor :).

I have started reading books a lot this year. And sometimes keep wondering how to keep track of the books i have read. This is when i found Library thing very useful.

Now, i have a catalog of books i have read so far and also managed to write review for one.


Prakash Venkat said...

A good stuff, Infact its in one such stuff I landed on the book
"Mans search for Meaning", but for that I would have never read that and wud hve missed some thing ...

A good place to checkout the reviews from a first person point of view and also land at those books sitting at the desktop which by all means one would hve missed in the busy schedules :)

Aarthi said...

PV, am waiting for your review of the book 'Mans search for meaning'.

orsenthil said...

The Book Catalog is down. :(
Do you write reviews also in there?
let me check it the next time over.

Yeah, motivation for me also. :-)