Sunday, April 22, 2007

One hour power cut a day - i am loving it :)

Are you not able to believe that power cuts might be a boon ?? Let me explain ..
With summer fast approaching and an acute power shortage in Bangalore, there is a compulsory one hour load shedding across the city every day.

It was a Saturday night and i was at home with mom. I was busy doing nothing with my laptop connected to the internet and she was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Suddenly, it was dark everywhere, yep - power cut...

Both of us get seated in the balcony and i promptly took the ipod in my hand. I switched it on and we shared the ear phones, like the ones you normally see in movies :). I was selecting my fav numbers to play. First i chose 'mandram vanda thendralukku manjam vara nenjam illayo anbe en anbe' from mouna ragam. Such a wonderful song with emotions blended in the lyrics, tune and the voice of the singer.

Now i should tell you something - am this born and brought up in chennai who hardly studied tamil as a language in school. Though i speak fluent tamil (atleast the chennai tamil), i really do not understand the meaning of some wonderful poetry. So, i started pestering my mom to translate those lyrics for me. She helped me a bit and then got back to the song... I managed to understand most of the song afterwards..

The next one i chose was this wonderful piece by the Mahakavi Bharatiar 'Suttum Vizhi Chudar daan Kannamma ...'. It such a wonderful composition and i heard it rendered in the voice of Hariharan from the movie Kandukoden Kandukonden. God salute to all those who were a part of making this song.

It played, i rewind(ed) and played it again and again to get the lyrics to the minutest detail possible. The whole piece is so much of poetic beauty, truly fantastic. I wish i could get the whole thing translated into more understandable language. However be it, this one is truly awesome.. no words to describe ...

The day before i heard this in such detail, i was also moved by the lyrics of the 'She..' sound track from Notting Hill. The lines are just too good and if you happen to relate to the part of the movie when it is played, you will enjoy it even more.

After listening to few of these, me and mom had the same thought (one of those rare moments) - there are so many songs sung in the praise of the girl or for the girl and so less songs that are sung for a guy. A small discussion and we concluded that guys are more romantic and would like to sing such songs for girls and hence such songs are many in number. May be even girls love to listen to these sung by guys :)

Just as we wrapped our conversation, there was a new light in our lives, the power came back. Thanks to BESCOM, but for them i would not have heard these songs in such depths.
So, the next time there is a power cut, i have my ipod and many more songs to listen to. Power cuts - am loving it :)

Lyrics of suttum vizhi chudar daan kannamma...

Suttum vizhi chudar dhaan - kaNNammaa
Sooriya chandiraro

Vatta kariya vizhi - kaNNammaa
Vaanak karumai koLLo

Pattu karuneela - pudavai
Padhitha nalvayiram

Natta nadunisiyil - theriyum

Solai malar oLiyo - unadhu
Sundharapunnagai dhaan

Neela kadalalaye - unadhu
Nenjin alaigaLadi

Kolak kuyil oasai - unadhu
Kuralin inimayadi

Vaalai kumariyadi - kaNNammaa
Maruvak kaadhal koNdaen

Saathiram pesugiraai - kaNNammaa
Saathiram yedhukkadi

Aathiram kondavarke - kaNNammaa
Saathiram undoadi

Moothavar sammadhiyil - vadhuvai
Muraigal pinbu seivom

Kaathiruppenoadi - idhu paar
Kannaththu muththam ondRu


Prakash Venkat said...

Please dont let these secrets of njoing power cut in public ... These BESCOM people are every ... 1 hr is accepted but one day .. you need to experience it to believe it :)

I Guess Guys take the step forward to express it more than girls ... so are many songs .... I dont want to believe in link between being romantic and gender ... :) Anyways as u and ur mom hve concluded that guys are more romantic and I dont want to deny it for obvious reasons ....

orsenthil said...

another one very nicely written. :-)

TG said...

Wow!! Kothi.... gud to see ppl loving power cuts in B'lore... Lemme know if you love to have them even after this summer... May be summer will change ur thoughts ;)....

Watever... blog sounds gud... so next time when there is any powercut.. pass on ur IPOD :P

Vijay said...

Can you give the meaning of this
Mandram Vandha thendralukku
Manjam vara nenjam illaiyo
Anbe en Anbe
Thota vudan suttathenna
KattaLagu vatta nilavo
Kanne en Kanne
Bhoopalame koodathennum
Vaanam undo sol

Thaamarai mela neer thuli Pol
Thalaivanum thalaiviyum vaLvathenna
Nanbargal Pole vaLvatharku
Maalaiyum melamum thevaiyenna
Thunbangale illamal pandha paasam Kollamal
Poove un vaLkai thaan enna sol

Medaiyay pole vaLkai alla
Nadagam Aanadhum vilagichella
Odaiyay pole uravum alla
Paadhaigal maariye payanam sella
Pennodhan ulaavum veLLi vaNNa nilavum
Ennodu nee vandhal enna VA....