Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gone are those days...

This was written when i was down with fever and had to stay at home for 2 consecutive days. The following came out of boredom and frustration. So, please bear with me :)

There are times when i used to wait for friday right from Monday, now i have started waiting for monday even before my friday could come to an end :) sad state...

How times change when I fall sick – My inspiration for this piece of poetry. I call it poetry as it does not sound like a normal prose, not that it is one really :)

Gone are those days ….

How I wish it would never be time for dawn,
To be lost in dreams with every yawn.
I would pull myself away from the bed,
Only to get ready and dressed.
How I would just crawl my way to work,
While half the world already at work.
Gone are those days …

How I wish it would always be time for lunch,
To talk about the world with every munch.
Guilt would knock my door at three past noon,
Before I realize it would be teatime soon.
How I would start my work late in the evening,
Sitting there to see half the office leaving.
Gone are those days …

How I wish time would halt for work to be done,
Winding up at ten I have some work undone.
Sleepily mom would wait for me as if she was fine,
With eyes open wide I love to whine and dine.
How I would stare into space trying to find my land,
Lost in my world with the TV on and a book in hand,
As I go to bed, how I wish it would never dawn :)
Gone are those days …

Conceptualized on 16 Dec 2006 at 5:30 AM when I would normally be sound asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet are the uses of Adversity.
Nice one dee!