Sunday, July 12, 2015

May be it is time to start over again!

Well, that is what I want to tell myself as I want to get back to blogging. Life has really moved on since the last time I shared my thoughts here. 

M came in to my life to make it more beautiful than ever. She has captured my life, thoughts and every bit of me beyond imagination and I have fallen in love more than ever. What a new life can do to you is just amazing. These days I find it hard to talk casually to anyone without thinking about her or mentioning her. Believe me, I never thought motherhood would be this intense :)

Work and M are the two dominant parts of my current life. As I restart blogging, I wonder why I will have to share and if that will even be worth sharing. Not sure why I never had such thoughts when I started blogging the first time. Is it age? Is it because life became centered around fewer things? Is it because I have started becoming more inward? Well, I don't know. But I think I should give it a try and lets see where it goes.

Looking forward to this second stint.

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